Mr Modi’s honeymoon

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Mr Modi’s honeymoon

NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – In a hard hitting opinion article, BBC Delhi correspondent criticized Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, calling his decisions “hasty and inept”.

Soutik Biswas wrote, “the (Indian) prime minister has shown little appetite for reform so far.” He listed several reasons for his opinion.

BJP government backed down on its controversial land acquisition bill and returned to the old law.

Modi’s government rolled back a suburban train fare hike after protests from commuters. This decision was considered as an act of “spineless populism” by Modi’s once-sympathizers.

Biswas also criticized Modi’s hasty decision to block access to internet porn and almost immediately lifting the ban, which made the government the butt of social media jokes.

He concluded, “Despite his (Modi) useful globetrotting and foreign policy successes, he is seen to have been less successful at home.”

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