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1)First Vice president of USA who visited Pakistan? Lyndon B. Johnson
2)Barack Obama is the president of USA?44th
3)China joined WTO in? Dec 2001
4) Pakistan joins 3G Generation on? 23 April 2014
5) Lahore Islamabad Motorway length? 375 km . confirm it
6 ) In how many years metro bus project was completed? 2 years I think
7) Current Interior Minister of Pakistan? Ch.Nisar Ali Khan
8) A recent conference that took place in Srilanka? Commonwealth Conference 2013
9) Latest union that Pakistan joined? SCO
Options UNO, SAARC, SCO, None of these
10) Who won FIFA cup final in 2014? GERMANY
11) The last series that Pakistan cricket team played with? SRILANKA
12) 2015 ICC cricket world cup was hosted by? Aus & New Zealand
13) When Musharaf imposed Martial Law? 12 October 1999
14) When local government bill was passed? 2002
15) Ijmaa means?
16) Which kalimah is read after wadhu? Kalimah Shahadath
17 Who is the principle scrip of Quran? Options a) Zaid bin Harris b) Abdullah bin Masood C) Hazrat Omar D) None of these
18) What are the Quran words called that can't be understood by common men? 
19) Ramadan is which month of Islamic Calender?
20) Nemaz e Istasqa is prayed for? Rain
21) Lunar Eclipse is? Earth passes between sun and moon
22) Who invented vaccine? 
23) Which metal catches fire when thrown in water
? Sodium
24) Why a pen appears bent , dept in water? Due to Refraction
25) Largest Gland? Liver
26) Photosynthesis involves? Cholorophyll
27) Water is universal solvent due to? Chemical characteristics or Physical properties
28) Bone weakening is due to deficiency which vitamin? Vitamin D
29)Dialysis is done due to? Failure of Kidney
30) Blood is produced in?a) Bone Marrow b) Heart c) Liver d)None of these
31) In which form calcium is present in Animals bone? Calcium phosphate
32) Concave lens is used for? Short Sightedness
33) When a moving bus stops. The people standing in bus move forward due to? Inertia
34)Hygrometer used for?
Measuremnet of Humidity of air
35) population percentage of Punjab? 55%
36) Land locked country? Mongolia
37) Pass that connects Malakand and Mardan? 
38) Viceroy of Subcontinent at time of Simmons Commission 1945? 
39) South China Sea dispute between? Options A) China &India B) USA and China C) China & Japan D) Japan& USA
40) Hazrat Younus remained in abdomen of fish? 40 days
41) Total number of Ghazwath? 27
42)Pak Afghan border? Durand Line
43) Largest University of Punjab? Punjab University
44) Largest shipping Corporation? Karachi Shipping Corporation
45) Fire Extinguishing Gas? 
46) Surah with two Bismi'Allah?
Surah tooba
47) Converting Metal into gold? Alchemy
48) First book of Hadith? Imam Bukhari

1) Ratio of girls to boys is 5:7.If girls are 575. What is the number of Boys? 
2) if a pizza is divided in 12 pieces, and 8 pieces are eaten. What is the ratio of remaining ?
3) if A is mother of B & C.And D is husband of B . What is the relation between A & D? Mother in Law.
4) Zain, Hamid and Harris share 2560 Rs.If Hamid's share is four times of Zain while Harris share is 1/3 of Hamid. What is Zain's share thn? 
5) Ali purchased a house for 4500 Rs.He sold it with 10% profit to Zahid. With 20% loss Zahid sold it to Arif.What is the price of house that Arif bought. 
6) 106 X 106+96 X 96 is equal to? 
7)Divide 15x^4y^3 by 3x^2y
8) HCF of 92 and 95 is?
9) The sum of three even consecutive number is 222. What are the numbers? 
Options A) 73,72,75 B) 71,76,78 C) 73,75,78, D) None
10) Sum of 3x+4x? Options A)-7x B) 7x^2 C) 7x D) None
11)If 4x is subtracted from 7x ?
Options: A)3x B)-3x C) 3x^2 D ) None
12) 64,32,16,8,---? ANS is 4
13) 3,6,12,24,----
14) Another series question
15) y=2x+5.if y=4 thn what is value of x? 
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